An Apprenticeship Route For All Clinical Grades

Whether you're taking your first steps or seeking advancement, our apprenticeship programmes offer an exceptional blend of academic development and hands-on experience.

Leading the way in medical education & training.

Formed in 2008, Medipro is one of the largest clinical education providers in the UK. Our aim is to unlock the potential of every student that begins or continues, their journey with us.

Our clinical apprenticeships are designed to meet your needs as an employer through vocational training.

  • 100% of employers would recommend us
  • 87% of learners pass within the anticipated time frame
  • Exceptional pass and retention rate
  • Blended approach to delivery
  • The latest software allowing employers to track their own staff progress in real time


Apprentices Trained


Retention Rate

Over 75%

Of Apprentices Receive Merit or Distinction


Pass Rate

Over 10,000 people have begun their clinical career with us.

Our clients include the largest NHS ambulance services, and leading multinational corporations. We have trained thousands of students, helping them to achieve their dreams.

Award winning, delivering only accredited courses.

Delivering only accredited courses ensures that our learners are able to work in large multinational corporations, specialist organisations, and the NHS where regulation and governanace is paramount.

“Medipro has been a consistent and reliable source of guidance and advice throughout our work together. I would highly recommend their services, which are operationally outstanding, and financially very reasonable.”

– Peter Burke, Falck, Operations Director


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