Step 1: Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding your business is the cornerstone of our recruitment process. Our dedicated Employer Recruitment Consultant will collaborate with you to identify and meet your specific requirements.

Step 2: Crafting Job Descriptions

To attract the best candidates, we will work alongside you to create detailed job descriptions that accurately reflect the roles you are looking to fill.

Step 3: Screening and Assessment

Our team meticulously screens CVs and conducts pre-interview assessments with potential candidates. This ensures that only the most suitable individuals progress, saving you time and effort in the selection process.

At Medipro, we streamline the apprentice recruitment journey, empowering you to find the perfect match for your business needs effortlessly.

Recruitment information for employers

With a number of solutions, we have strategies that can make the recruitment of clinical staff as easy as possible.


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Step 4: Finding the right fit

Once candidates have successfully passed our initial assessments, we’ll assist you in arranging interviews with those who meet your criteria.

Step 5: Making the final decision

During the interview stage, you have the final say on which candidate is the perfect match for your team. After your selection, our apprenticeship operations team takes over to handle all administrative tasks required for onboarding and enrolling your new recruit onto their apprenticeship programme.

A seamless transition

With our support, transitioning from candidate selection to onboarding is a smooth process. We ensure that everything is taken care of, allowing you to welcome your new apprentice hassle-free.

Contact us today to see how we can help recruit to fill your vacancies.

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