About PCPI

Patient, Carer and Public Involvement (PCPI) in healthcare related programmes is vital to help develop the knowledge, understanding and competencies of our learners. By using your input, your experiences, your valuable insight will only help prepare our learners for clinical practice and ensure the care they give is both informed, safe and appropriate.

Medipro have been using the PCPI group since 2019 and has supported the development of over 120 paramedic learners who are all now practicing professionals. They come from all backgrounds, with many experiences, and many have complex underlying medical conditions. We provide all our PCPI members with training, support and payment for their time and expenses.

Learning support and information

Making sure our learners feel supported on the learning journey is our highest priority. Whilst our tutors offer all the academic support you need, we provide a range of services to make sure you have all the care you need to succeed and reach your potential.


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Become a participating member

If you would like to be a participating member of our education team, here is how you can contribute:

  • Support interviewing and selecting perspective learners.
  • Provide case talks regarding your experiences and/or medical conditions.
  • Support the development of our curriculum and participate as a programme committee member.
  • Act as a model patient for mock clinical examinations, providing constructive feedback to our learners.
  • Support the assessment (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations – OSCEs) where learners complete various summative assessments.

We have centres around the UK and we would welcome any application for those who wish to join this amazing group of people.

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