Mental Health Support

Our learner wellbeing service is for all learners studying with us. You can refer yourself to the service, or someone may refer you to us with your knowledge and agreement. We will do our best to speak with you as soon as possible and endeavour to work around your availability.

We offer a bespoke approach which may include:

  • GP registration or local support groups.
  • Confidential mental health information, support and guidance.
  • Links to local groups or other agencies.
  • Speaking with your employer on your behalf.
  • Occupational health services.

Learning support and information

Making sure our learners feel supported on the learning journey is our highest priority. Whilst our tutors offer all the academic support you need, we provide a range of services to make sure you have all the care you need to succeed and reach your potential.


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At Medipro our responsibilities towards safeguarding is our highest priority and it forms the building blocks of our learner relationship.

We treat all our learners with respect, intervene swiftly and appropriately to protect them and ensure a safe space for all.

We support a safe environment by:

  • A dedicated Medipro 24/7 safeguarding App to make a referral or obtain key information.
  • Confidential information advice and guidance.
  • Strong relationships with employers and practice-based education providers to ensure you’re supported whilst in practice.
  • Learner Handbooks with links to supportive charities
  • Dedicated Head of Safeguarding with passionate safeguarding champions allocated across the centres.
  • All staff are trained to support safeguarding issues.

Speak to Our Team

To speak with the wellbeing services and safeguarding team by call 01325 609030 or

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