Apprenticeship Funding

For employers in England, apprenticeship funding is widely available for both levy and non-levy payers. For perspective apprentices, you find need to find an employer before you can commence an apprenticeship programme.


Medipro have been part of the Enhance Learning Credits (ELC) scheme for over 10 years, supporting our armed forces train for an variety of roles. Eligible armed forces personnel have between £1000 and £2000 per claim (up to 3 claims) available to assist in approved training courses.

Learning support and information

Making sure our learners feel supported on the learning journey is our highest priority. Whilst our tutors offer all the academic support you need, we provide a range of services to make sure you have all the care you need to succeed and reach your potential.


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Advanced Learner Loans

Advanced learner loans are a great way to fund high-level qualifications without any upfront costs, no income checks and no credit checks. You pay the loan monthly once you earn over £25,000 per year.

Monthly payment plan

For our longer programmes Medipro offers a monthly payment plan which is paid over a period agreed with you and collected automatically.

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