How Enrichment Works

Working closely with the curriculum team, our learners have opportunities of enrichment activities that are relevant to the course they are studying. These may include:

  • Visit new places on trips and visits.
  • Vaoluneet with a range of local organisations and/or businesses.
  • Contribute to the local community using your new knowledge and skills.
  • Gain CPD opportunities.
  • Participate in events or activities.
  • Support learners on other programmes in a teaching, assessment or supportive capacity.
  • Support the recruitment of new learners.

Learning support and information

Making sure our learners feel supported on the learning journey is our highest priority. Whilst our tutors offer all the academic support you need, we provide a range of services to make sure you have all the care you need to succeed and reach your potential.


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The Importance of Enrichment

Learners are at the heart of what we do and at Medipro we want to ensure our learners are heard. We want to ensure there is opportunities to give feedback and contribute to change to always enhance our offering and making sure our education meets the needs of all our learner community.

Learners can contribute by:

  • Becoming a course representative.
  • Actively participating in the programme committee group for their course.
  • Review literature and/or other course materials.

Discover Enrichment Activities

Look around our centres to see how to become involved, speak with your tutor or send us a message by following the link below.

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