About Practice Based Education

With robust placements across a number of NHS and private services, you can be reassured of appropriate, supported and varied practice education for your programme.

After a vigorous audit, practice-based education providers form a critical element to many of our courses. We have formed excellent relationships over the last 10 years which allows us to offer you exceptional placements with amazing mentors, support and access to a wide variety of clinical settings to enhance your learning experience.

What we offer

  • Wide variety of NHS and private provider placements across the UK. These include:
    • A&E departments
    • Urgent care centres
    • NHS and private Ambulance Services
    • Theatres and critical care
    • Elderly and acute care
    • Mental health units and community support
    • Maternity and paediatric units
    • Research departments
    • Industrial plants
  • Access to multi-disciplinary teams for interprofessional learning.
  • 24 hours shifts which can be adapted to suit your own work patterns.
  • Dedicated practice placement facilitator and team to support your entire journey and organisation.

Learning support and information

Making sure our learners feel supported on the learning journey is our highest priority. Whilst our tutors offer all the academic support you need, we provide a range of services to make sure you have all the care you need to succeed and reach your potential.


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Would you like to support our learners?

We are always looking to enhance our placement offering to our learners. If you feel you can support our learners, please get in touch.

In doing so you could:

  • Support the development of the future clinical workforce.
  • Create learning opportunities with existing learners you may be supporting.
  • Receive financial payments for your support.
  • Create a potential recruit pool from our newly qualified learners.
  • Receive free mentorship training.

We’ve helped
train thousand of students.

Our clients include the largest ambulance services, and leading multinational corporations. We have trained thousands of students, helping them to achieve their dreams.

Support Our Learners

If you would like to know more about our placement offering or would like to support our learners, please call 01325609030 or email placements@medipro.co.uk.

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