Supporting you to succeed

Whilst education is exciting and fun, it can also be daunting for some. That’s why we have a huge amount of support to ensure your time with us is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding but to also to ensure you achieve your full potential.

Careers Advice and Support

Supporting our learners find the right opportunities and the right job is a key driver for us at Medipro.

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CPD Portfolio

Continuous Professional Development, it's your responsibility to so it and record it.

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Disability Support

We want all our learners to achieve and reach their full potential by overcoming any barriers.

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Enrichment and Learner Voice

Enrichment is an integral part of the learners experience at Medipro.

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Faith Support

MediPro welcomes everyone. Faith or no faith.

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Finance and Funding

We appreciate how difficult it can be to fund your education or even navigate the various funding streams, so we will try and explain them all for you.

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Library and IT Support

MediPro’s library services and IT Support are available to all learners that will enhance, develop and support your education throughout your learning journey.

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Patient Carer and Public Involvement

Your voice. Help us to shape the future of healthcare professionals.

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Practice Based Education

Medipro work hard to bring you real opportunities within the practice-based education space.

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VLE and ePortfolio

Working at your own pace from anywhere in the world allows for flexible learning and ensures you can mix it with your work and personal life.

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Wellbeing Services and Safeguarding

At Medipro we have an amazing team who are trained and ready to support your emotional, physical and mental health needs.

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Over 10,000 people have begun their clinical career with us.

Our clients include the largest NHS ambulance services, and leading multinational corporations. We have trained thousands of students, helping them to achieve their dreams.

Award winning, delivering only accredited courses.

Delivering only accredited courses ensures that our learners are able to work in large multinational corporations, specialist organisations, and the NHS where regulation and governanace is paramount.

“Medipro has been a consistent and reliable source of guidance and advice throughout our work together. I would highly recommend their services, which are operationally outstanding, and financially very reasonable.”

– Peter Burke, Falck, Operations Director


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