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Are you a healthcare professional looking to enhance your skills in minor injuries and wound care? Look no further than MediPro’s ‘See and Treat’ course. Designed specifically for pre-hospital clinicians, paramedics, and community nurses, this 2-day clinical course is packed with valuable knowledge and hands-on practice.

Led by experienced primary care practitioners, the course covers a wide range of essential topics such as wound care, closure techniques, and minor injury assessments. You’ll learn to confidently assess and manage minor injuries, enabling you to discharge patients at the point of contact.

This comprehensive course is perfect for allied healthcare professionals who want to develop their ‘look and feel’ assessment skills in minor injuries. Gain the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively treat adults with minor injuries, while also building your confidence in handling common presenting injuries and conditions.

This is a great opportunity to expand your skillset and improve your patient assessment skills.

Introducing our comprehensive guide to minor injuries and wound care. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply want to enhance your clinical knowledge and skills, this content covers all the essential topics you need to know.

  • Mechanism of injury
  • Wound assessment and closure techniques including dressings, wound glue, sutures and staples
  • Assessment and management of upper limb minor injuries including shoulder
  • Assessment and management of lower limb minor injuries
  • X-ray referrals
  • Minor head and facial injuries
  • Head, neck and back
  • Minor wounds and burns – including healing
  • Finger dressings including trephining nails
  • Fracture assessment
  • Ophthalmic and ENT common conditions including management

Upon completion a MediPro CPD certificates will be awarded

Learners need to be registered professionals or have relevant experience before commencing this course.

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