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Practice Education

CQC Registered Provider


Our unique infrastructure that includes a clinical services division allows us to provide high quality placement opportunities for our students. 

We believe clinical placements that offer relevant clinical practice are vital to our educational programmes. 

Bringing real life situations to the overall training package will not only benefit the student but ensures the experiences learned will benefit future patient care.  This is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

We are proud to be Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered and to have achieved 16 outstanding practices in our last inspection. 

We have been supporting a number of clients for over 5 years, including:

  • North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • North West Ambulance Trust 
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

As education and training is at the heart of our organisation, all clinical staff hold nationally recognised qualifications that mirrors those with the NHS as well as mentorship and assessing awards. All our Paramedics are registered with the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council).

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Financial pressures were managed so that they did not compromise the quality of care.

Information and analysis was used proactively to identify opportunities to drive improvements in care. Service developments and efficiency changes were developed and assessed to understand their impact on the quality of care. The impact on quality and financial sustainability was monitored effectively

All staff prioritised safe, high quality, compassionate care and there was a culture of collective responsibility between all staff

Feedback from people who used the services was consistently positive about the way staff treated people. There was a strong person-centred culture. Staff were highly motivated and inspired to offer care that was kind and promoted people’s dignity

The continued development of staff skills, competence and knowledge was recognised as being integral to ensuring high quality care. Staff were proactively supported to acquire new skills

Training and education was a high priority and had a strong focus for the service. The service worked in close collaboration with their sister training and education organisation. They provided training programmes for the emergency care assistant and ambulance technician role and supported their staff through these programmes.

There was a clear vision and strategy, driven by quality and safety.

Complaints were managed and investigated thoroughly and feedback and training was given to staff.

The leadership was knowledgeable about quality issues and priorities, understood what the challenges were and took action to address them. Performance information was used to improve the service

The leadership strived for continuous improvement. There was a clear proactive approach to seeking out and embedding new and more sustained models of care and governance processes. Leadership was strong, open, honest and supportive

There was effective and comprehensive processes in place to identify, understand, monitor and address current and future risks. Audit processes functioned well and had a positive impact in relation to quality governance, with clear evidence of action to resolve concerns

The organisation had the governance processes and information to manage current and future performance. The information used in reporting, performance management and delivering quality care was accurate, valid, timely and relevant.

Key performance indicators were audited and results were excellent.

An audit of patient report forms identified if pathways were followed correctly and we saw evidence of learning when this was not the case

There was a genuinely open culture in which all safety concerns raised by staff, people who use services and from the NHS Trusts from which the service sub-contracted, were highly valued as integral to learning and improvement

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