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Is an apprenticeship for you?

Apprenticeships are not only beneficial for employers they also help people move into a new exciting career. There are a number of reasons you should consider an apprenticeship for your future. Here are just a few:

Earn while you learn

Unlike university, apprenticeships help students avoid the worry of growing loan debts and actually mean you can get paid while you learn new skills. You’ll earn a salary, and your course fees will be covered by your employer and the government. Letting you focus your energy on managing your time between your work and study.

Greater chance of employment

The beauty of the apprenticeship route is that you’re actually DOING the job while you learn, which means you’re getting real world experience along the way. This is a massive plus when it comes to employment after completion your apprenticeship, as most employers look for 2 years experience in all new hires.


Government research in 2018 uncovered that 65% of apprentices
in the study remained in full-time employment after finishing their apprenticeship.

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Nationally recognised qualifications

Experience is great but what about qualifications I hear you ask. Well all our apprenticeships lead to nationally recognised qualifications, meaning not only will you have the experience you will be qualified in your chosen career path. This should put you head and shoulders above your competition in the job market.

On the job training

Not the classroom type? An apprenticeship will be for you as the majority of your time will be spent on the job learning through practice. Although there is some classroom study you’ll spend 80% of the working week at your place of employment, and only 20% at your place of study.

Apprenticeships Pathways

Below are a list of the apprenticeship pathways we currently offer:

Patient transport service apprenticeship

Emergency and urgent ambulance support worker apprenticeship

Associate ambulance practitioner (EMT) apprenticeship

If you'd like a copy of our apprenticeship brochure, you can download a pdf version HERE

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