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Ofsted 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our recent Ofsted inspection resulted in a ‘Good’ grade. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to learner development.

As we continue our journey, we aspire to reach even greater heights in creating clinical excellence.

Apprenticeship achievement rates

In the 2022/2023 academic year, our apprenticeship outcomes surpassed expectations. Learner achievement, retention, pass rates, and withdrawal rates all shone brightly, especially against the national and industry averages benchmark.

These results really are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our learners’ success.

Recent learners who have completed initial classroom learning

Recently we had another group of cohorts pass their classroom phase, they’ll be moving onto the next stage in their apprenticeship, where now they will be on the roads.

They’ll now be working in the ambulance developing their clinical skills practically.

Learner testimonial

At Medipro, we recognize the unique challenges faced by students like Sultan, who require additional learning accommodations due to conditions such as dyslexia and profound deafness. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond mere acknowledgement; we actively provide tailored support to ensure equal opportunities for success.

“Medipro plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with dyslexia and profound deafness, ensuring equal opportunities and success. By offering accommodations such as extra time for exams and sign language interpreters, as well as personalized assistance through one-on-one tutoring, Medipro enables individuals to overcome challenges and thrive academically and professionally. Their commitment to inclusivity and support transforms lives, empowering individuals to pursue their goals with confidence and contributing to a more inclusive society.” – Sultan Mahmoud, Level 6 paramedic student.

For individuals with dyslexia, we offer extended time for exams and assignments. This accommodation allows them to meticulously process information, organize their thoughts, and produce high-quality work. By reducing anxiety, we empower dyslexic students to showcase their true abilities.

Moreover, our commitment to effective communication extends to those with profound deafness. During lectures and meetings, Medipro provides sign language interpreters, ensuring that individuals with profound deafness can actively participate, comprehend complex concepts, and collaborate seamlessly with their peers.

At Medipro, we believe that every student deserves an equitable educational experience. By offering these accommodations, we strive to create an environment where diverse learning needs are met, potential is realized, and success is attainable for all.

Welcome Ruané

We have extended our team at Medipro and have welcomed Ruané as our new HR administrator at our Stockton centre. We hope you can all wish her a warm welcome.

New developing roles at MediPro

Dental Nurse

We have exciting new roles at Medipro this year. Firstly, our dental nurse tutor is in a completely new role at the company. This new opportunity will include helping develop the syllabus as well as delivering it to our new learners.

We look forward to growing our educational sectors in this exciting development and expanding the team to provide clinical education to the next phase of dental practitioners.

Digital learning developer

Last year, we pioneered the hybrid learning course for offshore programs, significantly improving learner accessibility. We are eager to push further in hopes that someday we can once again lead in providing more courses of a similar calibre we are seeking someone passionate about technology, education, and visual design.

Experience in creating high-quality blended and remote online learning projects, along with staying updated on pedagogy and technology, is essential.

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