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Gareth, Rapid Response Vehicle Experience

One of our Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC 3) students took advantage of our optional ride along with a Paramedic RRV supporting NHS 999 calls and was nice enough to share his thoughts on the experience.

This was my first time going out with a Paramedic even though I had been on Operation Fresco years ago with the Firemans strike. So I had no idea of what to expect as I felt this would be more hands-on with the public as fighting fires were our main concern last time.

It took a little while for things to get going but once the evening carried on it was at a fast pace especially as we had to “blues and two’s” to all of the three calls. So it was a unique experience to be on the frontline at home as it was a different experience when I have been abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Royal Marines. It also hit home to me the value of our NHS and the value the Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics bring and give back to the British people.

It also showed me that each call was of value as the skill of the Paramedics I was with was exceptional and very professional especially as all of my calls dealt with teenage kids and a young baby so each parent had great trust in the Paramedic who dealt with all three cases.

I found it immensely satisfying to experience what it is like for a first responder/ambulance crew etc & what it is really like on the frontline at home and found the experience very valuable. I would recommend it to anyone who would like the experience of helping the local community in their need of help. I did notice that people, once they see a uniform know at least there is some help towards their situation so, showed me again the value of the medical service.

Again I would recommend it to anyone on a medical course who is thinking of getting more into the Paramedic or First Responder role. I enjoyed it immensely and would do it again on any future courses I attend.

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    Des Avis - November 12, 2018

    Well done.
    I hope to get the opportunity one day.
    The thought of helping people in there hour of need is so important to me.
    At the moment I am anACA.
    But one day I will be able to work together with the paramedic crew.
    Congratulations again. ☺

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