ECG Recognition (Foundation)

ECG Recognition (Foundation)

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ECG Recognition Part 1

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Key Information

Duration - 1 Day

Cost - £102.00 Inc. VAT

Qualification Code - "ECG1"

Awarding Body - MediPro Limited

Pre-requisites - There are no pre-requisites for this course.

For a full course listing, including syllabus and pre-requisites download the PDF by clicking the image.

Course Specifications

Course Description

ECG Recognition Part 1 will appeal to healthcare professionals who are involved in recording and interpreting ECG’s.

The mine field associated with ECG interpretation has prompted MediPro to develop this programme as a CPD course for clinicians. It is suitable for all grades of staff including paramedics, ambulance staff, offshore medics as it begins with a basic overview and builds up to an advanced level of ECG interpretation.

This ECG Interpretation course includes the following topics:

- Review of cardiac anatomy, coronary circulation and electrical system
- Practicalities of ECG rhythm monitoring
- The basic components of a systolic beat – P,Q,R,S,T
- Lead placements – 3 and 12 leads
- Ectopics, escape beats and fusion beats
- Re-entry systems
- Atrial arrhythmias – SVT, Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial
- Flutter
- Heart Blocks
- Cardiac Arrest Rhythms
- Ventricular arrhythmias
- Cardiac Axis
- ECG in Acute Coronary Syndrome – ST Depression and ST Elevation

There are no formal assessments for this course as it is intended as an extension to your learning and is a valuable addition to your CPD portfolio and clinical development.

There are no pre course requirements for this course.

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