Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance

What is Clinical Governance?

Put simply, it is a way of ensuring quality in a service. Quality in a medical setting is created and improved upon through ongoing training, following policies and procedures, through teamwork and communication, complaints management, leadership, and improving and listening to the patient’s needs.

Each medical service is unique, therefore the answer to their clinical governance needs are different each time. We create a plan that best fits your organisation, then put in place a team that has the expertise to understand what will be of the best benefit to you and your patients. We guide and advise you on each step of the process, and then help you to maintain the processes that deliver safety in your organisation.

We guarantee to develop a clinical governance strategy for you that is simple, understandable and effective.


We have experience in setting up, reorganisation and trouble shooting for healthcare businesses that need assistance in complying with UK law and other governing bodies. Our team are able to get you ready for CQC inspection, advise you on legal responsibilities, and best practice procedures. This can take the form of a short project where we help you get your own systems in place, or an on-going support team where we become a part of your own clinical governance.

Peter Falck

Peter Burke
Operations Manager, Teesside

"Medipro have become a key support to our operations, helping us offer a safe, compliant and superior medical response service to our clientele. They have assisted us in the development of new competency programmes for our staff, new documentation flows for our patients and advised on new equipment and practices that improve our immediate treatment delivery. In addition, they have been a consistent and reliable source of guidance and advice throughout our work together. I would highly recommend their services which are operationally outstanding and financially very reasonable."

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