Here at MediPro, clinical placements are integral part of our advanced, high quality educational programmes, such as Level 6 Paramedic Programme, Level 4 Associate Ambulance Practitioner (AAP) and full Offshore Medic course.

So, what are the benefits of clinical placements?

Clinical placements are crucial

Clinical placements are crucial to our educational programmes.

Adding relevant, real-life clinical experiences to our training packages hugely benefits the learner. On clinical placements, they learn skills such as giving physical examinations, taking patient histories and patient communication, as well as professionalism in the medical field. These learning experiences cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Not only that, but the high-quality education gained from these experiences ensures a better quality of care for patients.

How do clinical placements work at MediPro?

At MediPro, our unique structure includes a clinical services division that allows us to provide high quality and relevant placement opportunities for our students.

Over the years, clinical placements have taken place within major local NHS hospitals and minor injury units.

All our clinical staff hold nationally recognised qualifications that mirror those in the NHS, as well as mentorship and assessment awards.

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