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Ofsted Monitoring Visit Report

Tutors provide helpful support during vocational lessons to develop apprentices’ English and Mathematics skills.

Tutors are well qualified and have significant vocational experience which they use well to support apprentices to develop substantial new knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Tutors plan and deliver the curriculum in a logical order to build on apprentices’ existing
knowledge and skills.

Leaders monitor the progress of apprentices effectively. They hold regular meetings to
discuss the progress of each apprentice and ensure that tutors provide extra one-to-one
sessions for apprentices who are at risk of falling behind.

Leaders ensure that the programmes they deliver meet the principles and requirements of an
apprenticeships. They work closely with employers to make sure that apprentices are on the
right course and benefit from high-quality off-the-job training.

Leaders work closely with employers to develop a curriculum that enables apprentices to
develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that they need to be successful in the
workplace. They adapt the curriculum in response to request from employers to meet their
specific needs.

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