Urgent Care Transport

Urgent Care Transport

0004_ROSPA-advanced-driver-training Urgent Care Transport

The Urgent Care Team is one of our most versatile services. The Urgent Care Team is a mid-range service designed to meet the needs of the patient who has an “Urgent” need for either a hospital admission or transfer but does not require an “Emergency Response”. Urgent Tier patients have normally been pre-assessed by either a doctor or other health professional and may require some medical intervention such as monitoring, oxygen or mild pain relief administering whilst en-route to the hospital or clinic.

MediPro's Urgent Care Team provides comfortable ambulances that carry all the required equipment that may be required for either a short or long distance journey. The ambulances used are based on High Dependency Type vehicles, referred to normally as Intermediate Care Ambulances and consist of:

  • Stretcher (wheelchaires can alsoe be secured)
  • Medical Gases
  • Suction
  • Monitoring (NIBP, SP02, ECG)
  • Basic trauma and emergency equipment
  • Manual handling essentials
  • Infection control and prevention equipment
  • Basic drug therapy

All vehicles are fitted with:

  • Emergency lights and sirens
  • Satellite navigation system
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Nationwide 3G/4G radio/telephone communication system

We will also respond to any requests for journeys that currently fall outside of any contracts for the Provision of Ambulances or Patient Transport Services. Our response time to these requests is usually less than one hour.

0003_ROSPA-emergency-blue-light-driver-training Urgent Care Transport