Special Patient Transport

Special Patient Transport

SpecialPatientImage2 Special Patient Transport

Along with all the services we offer within emergency & non-emergency transport we at MediPro also offer a number of special patient transport services for those with more uncommon requirements. As all of our staff are highly qualified and experienced in a number of fields, and as we have a large fleet of vehicles ranging all shapes and sizes we are able to offer the below services, among others.

  • Repatriation Transport
  • Neonatal & Paediatric Transport
  • Mental Health Transport
  • CCU Transport
  • Bariatric Transport

MediPro  work with neonatal departments to provide a transfer service to and from specialist units. All our vehicles are specially fitted and equipped to ensure a safe and comfortable journey throughout, complete with incubator & ventilators. All vehicles are fitted with:

  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Nationwide 3G/4G radio/telephone communication system

All mental health transfers are handling by highly skilled, qualified crews with vehicles that provide a safe, comfortable transfer. Our dedicated crew have plenty of knowledge and experience in handling dementia, learning difficulties/disability, child/young adult mental health, Autism, Aspergers & older adult care.

When it comes to bariatric transfer we understand that sensitivity & understanding is key, we want to make every transfer as smooth and painless as possible, that's why all our vehicles are fitted to handle situations specifically like these & our staff have an excellent understanding of the difficulties a patient encounter during their transfer and will do their utmost to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

SpecialPatientImage1 Special Patient Transport