Associate Ambulance Practitioner

Associate Ambulance Practitioner

£5,994.00 Inc. VAT

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Duration – 10-12 months Full-Time  (includes 750 clinical practice hours)

Course Reference – AAP

Accommodation From – £45.00 pppn

Awarding Body – FutureQuals

Medipro provide all students with the required 750 hours of clinical practice (unless sponsored by employer) within the NHS supporting 999 frontline

£5,994.00 Inc. VAT


This Associate Ambulance Practitioner course has replaced the previous IHCD Ambulance Technician award.

Over the last decade the Ambulance Technician role has taken many different twists and turns across all UK NHS ambulance trusts as well as within the private sector. The governing and awarding body of the UK national award ‘IHCD’ has recently announced that the award has been removed from their catalogue of courses. After various consultations with local NHS ambulance trusts, private sector providers as well as academic institutes, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) have endorsed and recognised this qualification as the standard for all UK NHS ambulance services.

The level 4 Associate Ambulance Practitioner has been specifically designed to allow the student to gain national recognition for all UK ambulance services and private sector providers, allowing for direct employment within suitable roles across the healthcare services. Furthermore it will allow students to progress to Higher Education Professional Health Programmes at university, including paramedic, nursing and mental health nursing at BSc level.

A critical element to the Associate Ambulance Practitioner is the mandatory 750 hours of supervised clinical practice placement, which ensures the student is occupational competent. Whilst this can be arranged within your own suitable employment, Medipro can arrange this for you and is included in the course fee. In some instances the 750 hours can be paid employment, please contact us in the first instance to discuss.

Some of the key points:

  • Nationally recognised and accepted by all UK NHS Ambulance Trusts for direct entry employment
  • Level 4 that can be used to enter an existing Paramedic award
  • OFQUAL qualification No: 601/7496/1
  • ELCAS and other funding/finance/payment options available
  • 750 hours clinical placement included within Northern NHS ambulance services
  • RPL is available on a case by case basis
  • Books and uniform given



This course is completed over a period of time which we estimate a minimum of 10 months to complete. The course dates given are for the initial 10 week block which are designed and assessed to ensure you are fit to enter placement and practice. Once in practice students will be required to attend our training centre for a number of small 1 day attendances to support the remaining units.

The course mandatory units include:

  • Engage in organisational effectiveness, personal and professional development
  • Promote communication
  • Promote equality and inclusion
  • Implement health and safety
  • Safeguarding and protection of individuals and groups
  • Promote person centred approaches
  • Principles of emergency and urgent care
  • Promote good practice in information governance
  • Promote infection prevention and control measures
  • Causes and spread of infection
  • Cleaning, decontamination and waste management
  • Duty of care and candour
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Assessment & Examination
  • Stepwise airway management
  • Intermediate life support and AED
  • Management of medical and surgical emergencies
  • Management of wounds, bleeding and thermal injuries
  • Injury management
  • Supporting the senior clinician with IV, IO, infusion and airway management
  • Process and systems of trauma
  • Administration of medical gases
  • Move and position people and objects
  • Management of neonates, infants and children
  • Management of obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Management of hostile & major incidents
  • Managing hazardous materials
  • Extrication and light rescue
  • Support individuals with dementia
  • Support individuals who are bereaved
  • Support individuals at the end of life
  • Care for older people
  • Communicate effectively using electronic systems and devices
  • Promote mental capacity
  • Administration of medication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Supporting individuals with learning disabilities
  • Vehicle familiarisation
  • Promote environmental safety
  • Support individuals with mental health


Course Dates

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Unfortunately no course is planned for the period selected, please select another period or call 01325 609030 to discuss your preferred dates.


Upon successful completion students will be awarded the following certificate from FutureQuals

Level 4 Diploma Associate Ambulance Practitioner 


All students will need to be able to demonstrate:

  • 18 years of age
  • good level of numeracy, literacy and I.T skills
  • physical fitness
  • Apply for an enhanced DBS – Medipro will complete this for you at no extra cost
  • Occupational Health Clearance



AAP Factsheet

Where To Stay

Medipro have an exclusive deal with Travelodge Darlington to offer directly en-suite double rooms from £47.50* per night, room only. This is a 2 minute walk from our center. Rooms can be cancelled before midday on your day of arrival. Call us to book your room. *subject to availability


What about attendance, do I need to attend each session?

 YES. The structure of the programme is very intense and such Medipro feel it is essential that each session is attended.

We do however recognise the need in an emergency that you may miss some sessions. In this instance, we have systems in place to ensure your studies are not affected and you do not fall behind.

Full details can be found within the Attendance Policy

We also recognise some students may have exceptional instances where student needs to be extended, especially placements. In this instance students can apply for special considerations on a ‘case by case’ basis.

 Where will my clinical placements be?

Practice placements are arranged within our approved placement areas, these include North West Ambulance Service NHS and North East Ambulance Service NHS supporting 999 response.

Can I arrange my own placement?

This is possible following our robust clinical practice placement audit tool. However, you must have this is place and agreed before you commence this programme.

Are the placements ‘practice placement’ and will I be insured?

Yes, all our placements are practice placements under the supervision of your mentor and all students of Medipro on placement are insured under our ‘medical malpractice’ insurance policy.

Will I be paid for placements?

All placements form part of the programme and are not paid.

Will I have to work shifts whilst on placement?

Yes, do to the nature of the pre-hospital clinician role and the agreement with our placement providers, you will be allocated a mixture of shifts that may include weekends, nights and bank holidays.

I work in the hospital/ambulance sector already, can I get some of my placement hours signed off before I start the course?

Unfortunately not, the reason behind this is because the placements we provide are there to embed the new learning and teaching that you will be completing during the programme. There is however, no reason why you can’t be supported during your paid role to complete the required placement hours and competencies.

What if I don’t get all my competencies signed off?

Medipro understands that not all competencies may be achieved in practice. This is why we allocate 750 hours of clinical practice placement to give you as much opportunity as possible. If, for whatever reason some competencies are not ‘signed off’ we can support in a number of ways, which may include extending the placement, arranging an alternative, simulated assessment as-well as several other strategies. If we need to extend any placement or adopt any other assessment plan, there will be no additional costs to the student.

If I complete my AAP course with another provider, can Medipro support the placement element?

Unfortunately we are unable to support placements for students who have completed their training elsewhere. Your training provider should have this in place for you. Medipro placements are strictly for our own students.

What if I need to cancel my programme?

If you need to cancel your programme, for whatever reason, then Medipro can look at moving you onto a future programme. If you need to cancel and are unable to re-schedule, then you will need to refer to Medipro terms and conditions regarding cancellation fees and exiting a course.

If I’m unsuccessful can I get a refund?

If you are unsuccessful then Medipro will look at developing you an individual learning plan to close out any identified deficiencies and discuss the possibility of returning on a future programme.

What if I have a complaint?

Medipro takes all complaints seriously and will attempt to resolve all complaints satisfactorily.  Details of the complaints procedure is available in Medipro Complaints Policy as well as your student handbook.

Can I appeal an academic decision?

Yes, Medipro operate a robust appeals process for students who don’t agree with an academic grade, award or assessment decision. Details of how to raise an academic appeal is contained within your student handbook.

What happens if I fail an assessment?

Throughout the programme there are several assessments as well as a number of varied assessment strategies. Should any student fail or not pass any element, Medipro will put in place a robust development plan to assist you in achieving the required standard. All assessment can be retaken to give students as much opportunity to achieve the award.

I have a similar award, can I apply for RPL?

RPL route requires students to complete the mapping document and produce all their own evidence to prove they have met all the learning outcomes of whole or part of the award. There is a non-refundable fee for this process.

This is not an easy process but is achievable if you are able to access the required evidence to claim RPL. The evidence required will include the full learning outcome plan and assessment plans from the courses you feel are equivalent. A certificate on its own will not be sufficient.

It is worth noting that FutureQuals will only allow RPL for 50% of the placement hours.

 Can I pick my own mentor?

Unfortunately not, all mentors are professional clinicians and qualified within their role as a practice mentor. However, if you have a compliant about your mentor, you can raise this in the normal complaints procedure, or speak to the Medipro (Practice Placement Facilitator) PPF to discuss any concerns.

When is payment required?

This depends on how you fund your course. We have a number of options available which include 0% finance loans, ELCAS support and professional career development loans (PCDL) via the government. However, funding options change all the time so it is worth contacting us to see how we can help.

One factor to consider, if you are eligible for government funding or support then the course costs are reduced to remove the VAT amount.

Can I work during the periods I am not on placement?

Yes, this is dependant on the employer. We can provide evidence to support your competencies and that you are part way through an approved award.

What assessments do I complete?

The assessments are varied throughout the programme and include:

  • Short answer question papers
  • Student work books
  • Assignments which include short essays, reflections and case studies
  • Presentations
  • Group discussions
  • Practical OSCEs
  • Placement competencies

Whilst essays and academic work can be daunting for many, we work with all students to ensure they are well prepared and supported throughout the entire process.

Do I need a UK Visa to attend this course?

If you are not a UK or EU citizen then yes you would need an appropriate visa to attend. We are currently in the process of obtaining a home office licence to support your visa, please contact us to register your interest.

I have visable tattoo and/or facial piercings, can I still apply?

There is no definitive answer to this question as we would need to consult our placement provider(s) as this would fall within their policies and procedures. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your individual case.

Is there a fitness test?

We don’t complete a fitness test as part of the entrance process, however, we do require all students to complete a health deceleration. As your training provider we do reserve the right to challenge students who we feel are not physically fit for the role of a pre-hospital clinician. In such instances we would seek expert advice from our occupational health department and/or seek clarification from the awarding body (FutureQuals)

Is there a minimum or maximum age to join the programme?

Due to the driving entrance requirements the minimum age would be 18 and there is no maximum age. If you are physically fit and well and wish to pursue this career, we welcome your application


Do the costs include accommodation?

No, students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation at their own cost. However, we can help you find the most cost effective solution and some of the finance and loan options can have accommodation costs added to them.

Can I go onto a paramedic programme after this course?

Yes, several universities will welcome students who have completed the AAP (please check directly with your chosen university) onto their paramedic awards. We too have a paramedic programme that maybe useful to you. Please follow this LINK

Do the ambulance services accept this award?

There is no yes or no answer for this as each service have their own workforce plan and grades. As it is a nationally recognised award many services do employ students with this qualification, please check with the service directly which you are interested in. Remember it is worth discussing it with the service clinical education department before speaking with their HR team.

I have a criminal conviction, can I still apply?

Having a criminal conviction or caution may not necessarily bar you from commencing this course. Therefore please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances and we will obtain clarification for you.

I have a disability or a long term medical condition, can I still apply?

Having a disability or long term health condition doesn’t necessarily prevent you from becoming a pre-hospital clinician. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

If I have further questions or concerns can I speak with someone?

Yes. We will be releasing several dates for open days where students who are considering this course can call in and discuss the issues or concerns. Alternatively our admission team are always at hand to assist and can be contacted via email at or by calling 01325 609030

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