Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Non-Emergency Patient Transport

NonEmergencyOne Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Due to the nature of their condition, many patients are unable to travel by conventional public transport or drive themselves to routine appointments. For these patients, Ambulance Transport Services may be the only means they have to attend hospital and clinic appointments and to be discharged home. Providing patient transport requires more than a taxi service. MediPro's Non-Emergency Patient Transport Team has been designed to meet the needs of the stable patient who requires very little clinical intervention. With so many out-patients hospital or clinic appointments being made for patients many of these patients are unable to travel on conventional public transport or drive themselves to appointments.

A high level of patient care, comfort and safety together with respect, dignity and confidentiality are our primary consideration. For a number of years we have supported local authorities, businesses, CCGs and NHS trusts with the following solutions:

  • Routine outpatient appointment
  • Discharge home after treatment
  • High dependency transfer
  • Inter-hospital transfer
  • Private care home support

An integral part of MediPro Clinical Services is the ability to offer a variety of patient transport options to both the NHS and private customers.

The transport options available include:

  • Car Service for the more able-bodied patients
  • Non-Emergency Ambulances for stable sitting or stretcher patients
  • MPV Type vehicles for patients who require a collapsible wheelchair to be taken with them
  • Adapted Specialist Vehicles for patients who need to travel seated in their own wheelchair and bariatric patients

To ensure the highest possible safety as well as managing your patient needs, all our non-emergency patient transport fleet carry:

  • AED defibrillator and basic resuscitation equipment
  • Infection control and prevention equipment
  • Moving and handling essentials
  • Oxygen and suction
  • First aid equipment
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Nationwide 3G/4G radio/telephone communication system

NonEmergencyTwo Non-Emergency Patient Transport