Emergency Support

Emergency Support

0004_ROSPA-advanced-driver-training Emergency Support

Emergency Transport and provisions is one of the many specialist divisions of MediPro's Clinical Services division. This service is designed to provide Emergency & Inter-Hospital transport in the region, and on many occasions further afield. All of the qualified personnel within the division have gained a vast amount of experience within the pre-hospital emergency field prior to becoming part of our team.

We offer our clients a varied skill mix of staff, depending upon the individual requirements of the Trusts that we serve. Our staff base consists of:

  • HCPC Registered Paramedics
  • GMC Practicing Doctors
  • NMC Registered Nurses
  • RMN Registered Mental Health Nurses
  • Emergency Care Practitioners
  • Ambulance Technicians and AAP's
  • Emergency Drivers.
  • Emergency Care Assistants
  • Patient Transport Ambulance Care Assistants

Our operational fleet of vehicles consists of Front-line Emergency Ambulances (Paramedic/Technician or Technician/Technician Crews), Intermediate Tier Vehicles (ECA/Technician or ECA/ECA Crew) and Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV’s) consisting of Saloon, Estate and 4×4 Vehicles which can be staffed by either a Paramedic or Technician.

All of our vehicles are regularly maintained by a dedicated commercial company, or our local workshops in order to provide the NHS and members of the public with a highly reliable service. The vehicles are fully equipped to current A&E standards and carry all the required equipment that it is used by the NHS Trusts including:

  • A full complement of JRCALC medicines
  • Full trauma and medical equipment
  • Paediatric and obstetric equipment
  • Defibrillation including 12 lead and capnography
  • Infection control and prevention equipment
  • Moving and handling essentials
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Nationwide 3G/4G radio/telephone communication system

MediPro Clinical Services has been highly successful in supporting a number of NHS trust with their emergency 999 provisions across the UK.

Our goal is to continue to support additional services throughout the UK so that our team of highly motivated and dedicated staff can continue to provide a high quality of service to the public.

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